High Resilience Foam

High Resilience foam is mainly used for higher rebouncing. It is mainly used in Mattresses and Sofa making, due to it's long life and superior comfort.

Our High Resilience foam is made with 100% pure material. It is available in 32+ , 40+ and 50+ densities.

Visco Elastic Memory Foam

VE Memory foam is used as mattresses under lays for best comfort.3 and smooth recirculation of blood. It is available in 55 and 65 densities.

Flexible Foam

Industrial grade foam is mainly used in furniture, sofa and mattress. We have three range in industrial grade foam i.e. Regular, Gold and Premium. In this segment we have densities ranging from 23 ~ 50. Premium variety - made with 100% pure foam is at it's utmost comfort and longevity. Gold variety - is higher medium quality product which is used widely in sofa making and mattress segment. Regular variety is medium quality product which is budget oriented in terms of prices.

Industrial Grade Foam

Rebonded Foam

Rebonded foam is available in 80 ~ 120 density. It is mainly used to for mattress making and other various applications. Due to it's hardness it provides back support and cushioning for great comfort.

Fire Retardant Foam

Profile Foam

Flame Lamination Foam Rolls

Quilting Foam Rolls